Cherry Chipotle Beef

This recipe is an adaption of a more expensive recipe I have been wanting to try.  This Cherry Chipotle Beef has great rustic gourmet flavors at budget prices. It satisfies the taste buds, AND keeps more of your hard earned dollars in your pocketbook for other things.   Our family thrives on good food and good […]

Homemade Cherry Almond Granola

I absolutely love cherries and I am always looking for great ways to use them.  So, when my husband asked if I would make him some granola, the first thing I thought was CHERRIES!!   The second thing I thought was, I am going to save quite a bit of  money by making my own granola.  […]

Easy Sugar Free Strawberry Jam

Is everyone over winter yet?  Goodness knows I am!  I can not WAIT until the ground thaws and I can try my hand at gardening again.  I have not had much luck in the past and I am determined to reap a harvest of something from my backyard this year.  I swear, it seems like […]