Meringue Cookies

Meringue cookies are such a special treat for me.  Not only are they special, they are pretty darned versatile.   Some meringues are crisp throughout and some have that little chew in the center. However they turn out, they always seem to be the best you ever made!  You can flavor them, color them, and sprinkle […]

Banana Peanut Butter Bread

Hunk a hunk of burning love for this ultra moist banana bread!  Elvis would be sure to love the generous swirls of cinnamon honey peanut butter throughout this banana bread. This recipe was actually inspired when I was trying to find something to do with the old bananas sitting on the counter.  I usually never […]

Homemade Cherry Almond Granola

I absolutely love cherries and I am always looking for great ways to use them.  So, when my husband asked if I would make him some granola, the first thing I thought was CHERRIES!!   The second thing I thought was, I am going to save quite a bit of  money by making my own granola.  […]